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KASU 89.9 FM, "The Bear"
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KASU 89.9 FM, “The Bear,” was created in 2014 by Dr. Wayne McCain, Professor in the College of Business, and his Management of Technology students.  

KASU provides a variety of music genres including Lite Rock, Lite Classical, Pop, and Country. Currently, you must be on campus when tuning in on the FM dial as the station is operating under a special provision of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) part 15 for low power, unlicensed transmission. If you’re not on campus, you can find the radio station streaming worldwide at

The Internet version of KASU is being streamed by host Spacial.Com, which has a popular app available for any smartphone. The app shows details on the current selection being broadcast by the station, artist information, and even gives the listener an opportunity to purchase certain selections through the Spacial Internet Radio website.

Overseen by Dr. McCain, students contribute and participate in station maintenance, conduct interviews, and serve as announcers.

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Wayne McCain

Professor of Management of Technology

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