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We believe there is nobility in completing one’s education, particularly when one is managing the pressures and constraints of adult life.

As an Upper Division University, Athens State celebrates the resolve of the adult learner. After all, it takes courage, and then some, to balance finishing your degree with work and family life.

That’s why we offer Adult Learner Services. We assist working adults with finishing their degrees by applying their experience and knowledge as college credit.

You’ve worked hard, and we recognize that some of your knowledge and experience may be at the college level. Adult Learner Services at Athens State University provides a nationally recognized method of allowing college credit for learning that may have been attained outside the classroom through work, seminars, training programs, military education, and certification programs. A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is conducted to provide a better understanding of how this prior learning and experience is equivalent to the skills and objectives of academic courses.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment is a process that evaluates knowledge and learning gained outside the classroom. It includes employment, certifications, military training/service, civic activities, and volunteer service. Students are guided through this process during their first semester in the ADP 301 Adult Degree Practice & Theory course.

Get the credit you deserve!

See what credits you may qualify for with our short questionnaire.

If you have the knowledge you have gained from your experiences, certifications, & training, Adult Learner Services can provide an efficient, cost-effective, and customized pathway to earn your degree.

Time & Money

All degrees are accredited and affordable, with the lowest tuition rates in the state. Athens State University is simply the smart way to go to college.

Custom Options

Your experience is unique. Adult Learner Services will assist you by offering individual counseling to fit your schedule and goals.

Certificates, Licenses, and Training

We want to help you reach the finish line as quickly as possible, which means putting your existing knowledge and prior training to work for you.

Examples of Certifications/Training Recognized

Certification/License/Training Hours/Classes awarded
CPA-Certified Public Accountant6 hours: graduate level
Criminal Justice – APOST & additional training-Huntsville Police Departmentup to 15 hrs. lower level electives & 6-9 hrs. UL
IDP-APOST & additional training-Huntsville Police Departmentup to 15 hrs. lower level electives & 6 hrs. UL electives
Psychology – APOST & additional training-Huntsville Police Departmentup to 15 hrs. lower level electives & up to 6 hrs. UL Psychology electives
RBT-Registered Behavioral Technician6 hours: PS425 & PS336
Insurance License3 hours: FIN355
Microsoft Office Certificationsup to 12 hours of lower level credit
OSHA30 Training6 hours: OHSM373 & OHSM422
PMP Certification12 hours Project Mgmt
Huntsville Hospital Radiologic Technology21 hours: lower level
Real Estate License3 hours: FIN356
Board Certified Safety Professional2 hours: MG462
CompTIA Security +6 hours: MCO410 or ISM classes
SHRM Certification9 hours: MG349,410,449
Six Sigma Green or Black Belt9 hours: MG421,422,423
Six Sigma White Belt3 hours: MG421
Six Sigma Yellow Belt6 hours: MG421 & MG422

How can we help put your knowledge and training to work for you?

We often work with students in a variety of majors and disciplines find ways to satisfy elective credit by using prior learning and certifications. Contact us to see if you will benefit from the services we offer thru the Adult Learner Services Office.

How do I get started?

We understand that returning to school can be intimidating and confusing, so we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get started today by completing our contact form. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how Adult Learner Services can help you earn your degree.

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Felicia Mucci

Director, Adult Learner Services Office
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Kayla Kohanek-Tankersley

Adult Learner Services Office Advisor


Athens State University is a proud member of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), which recognizes institutions and organizations who support adult learners in their educational journey to career pathways.

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